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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM DG ART
Thanks, I chose them because I thought the lens is
  • decently sharp
  • reasonably priced
  • better in terms of flare than it's (10 years old) Nikon colleague
  • clean of CA "wide open"(which is f/4, so should really be no problem)
  • coming with an attractive zoom range start - not many 12 mm zoom options available with AF
  • highly adjustable (although that bit is a nightmare to do)
  • used to get "dramatic", "dynamic""huge overview" pictures.
Geometrically precise reproduction is hardly a big strength for any of these lenses. In a way it's good Klaus checked for this (PZ's tests usually don't have extra chapters for this type of flaws, so kudos to do so)


Beside field curvature, the corners are really nothing to be ashamed of in terms of resolution. Depending on the subject, I tend to guess this curvature is eventually helpful. But in any case, the lens has a lot of strengths. So, if I would have to choose between that one and the Nikkor today, with the perspective to get a pretty fast 14/1.8 additionally, I reckon to decide in favor of the Sigma. Simply because front and side light is not such a pain in the butt - and in rooms (architectural shots) a tripod is always a good idea, so the f/2.8 not necessarily an advantage.


EDIT: A while after the post I decided to upload more images to a sample gallery. Please bare in mind, I was trying to find out if that lens would handle some situations better when I felt being let down by the still more expensive Nikon - or was at least disappointed.


If you like to check exposure data, right hand at the botton is an info icon. As well as the three layered rectangles which allows to choose "original" as size. I don't mind if you download some of the pictures to examine, just don't used them to publish without my permission.


Couple of shots didn't make it into the gallery because of missed AF - I learnt it's better to switch on LiveView and don't hope for "it will be fine with PDAF". I didn't add extra sharpening, eventually a little clarity. I'm also no fan of white clouds when I know there's structures behind the white and  the sensor did catch it. So shadows and highlights are to my likes. At two pictures I was a bit confused because of little spots which turnt out to be a cloud of little flies at 100%.


I found shooting at 12 mm challenging - but never because of the lens, always because it's hard to see in finder or on screen all the little details I can look at later on on a big screen. And I know how easy it is to miss a nice detail or to show too much non-important things.


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