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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM DG ART
Can field curvature change over the focus range? I recon it can. 

I remember a discussion on here with a fellow ultra micro Nikkor 55mm f2 owner, and we found that increasing the mounting distance from 1:3 magnification showed rapidly increasing field curvature.


So it would stand to reason that some WA lenses also can show quite some field curvature at MTF test distances but les so at "normal" focussing distances? A real world image would answer that (.

 I would like to comment on the sharpness of the lens...JoJu ..but here the images don't enlarge sufficiently.....


  I looked on Smugmug...........Errrr.....can you enlarge shots with Smugmug?.......I couldn't!

Dave's clichés

If you like to check exposure data, right hand at the botton is an info icon. As well as the three layered rectangles which allows to choose "original" as size. I don't mind if you download some of the pictures to examine, just don't used them to publish without my permission.



So much to "read the manual"  Tongue


I just tried the link, here it worked. 
And while in SmugMug, I also browsed a bit through Photozone's gallery. "Why didn't you publish the shot with the really bad flare, Klaus?" I was about to ask - just because I didn't see the flares in the tiny previews. On SmugMug is much easier to look at.


Can I re-publish the cleaned shot? If not, please delete the link to it. It was a bit more of a challenge and still I only did a quick and dirty work on it. The Nikon tends to produce rainbow flares (meaning, in one flare are lots of colors, others are mono-chromatic)


[Image: i-mN8FqDK-L.jpg]

Yes, the gallery is a to do ...

The issue with the potential replacement is that it doesn't show EXIF data.

As an interim solution I should make the thumbnails a bit bigger I reckon.
Just for comparison - have a look at the 11-24L flare sample ...

Of course you can push the Canon into producing more but still ...
You are referring to picture 0F6A6085.jpg? Here I could not see "flares" until I enlarged the SmugMug thumbnail as it was the only picture in your gallery with frontlight. Of course, if you come from this level of flare resistance I understand you know better behaviour. But I am coming from the opposite side of flare land:


[Image: i-TL835Vs-L.jpg]

Well, my inner proofreader finally kicks in...

The 50MP/14mm review has wrong legend entries: Near Center and Border are swapped around. Smile

Yes, I noticed but didn't bother so far ;-)


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