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have two photoshoots at the same time, feasible ?
It is Ramadan in Lebanon. During this month the parks and gardens are empty during the day, fasting people avoid going out to avoid dehydration. Ideal for shooting.

I have a couple to whom I will be doing pre-wedding photo-shoot plus a staged proposal. Plus a photo-shoot for my eight year old cousin who has her first communion next week parents need pictures for decorating the celebration (large prints)

We will be three photographers well equipped: 5Dmkiii, 7D, 750D.

Canon 600 EX RT x3


Plenty of lenses mainly

24-105F4 L x2

50mm f1.4 X2

35mmf2.0 IS

100mm macro

70-300 IS

17-55f2.8 IS



Without mentioning the wide angle lenses

Do you think I should postpone one of the photo-shoot till Sunday (in that case I will be alone shooting) or it is feasible?
Well things went quite well in the end.

Yesterday we were three photographers I was mainly doing the posing and lighting so I took very few pictures however I am happy with the teamwork. We used 85mm f1.2 on 5Dsr it performed amazingly well, best results I have ever seen, plus 24-105 on 5D mkiii

15-85 and 50f1.4 on 750D for a few shots, and that was it. The couple postponed till today, was going to be alone till ghas camera to the rescue, he is extremely talented he directed posing and took some really good shots, he used 17-55f2.8 on 7D.

I used 100mm macro plus 24-105L on 5D plus 50mmf1.4 on 750D.

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