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Tamron 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 VC coming ...

I take a dozen...





just for the thrill

U mean in order to get a decent sample? ;-)

Who would hope for that?  :ph34r:

Klaus, I guess you'll need to test that sometime, just to get the crowd pleased. Smile

Klaus can just leave it to Markus Wink

Yeah, I guess either of us will have to test it ... as long as you don't ask us to test it at every zoom ratio step.  Rolleyes

Okay, but on every different APS-C sensor?



And don't forget the 28-300. Tongue
Looks like there are no miracles in stock for us:

A good superzoom lens, an honest politician, a gold nugget in the street, a fairly priced Leica... Smile


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