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Should I buy Canon EFs 17-55f2.8 again ?
Interesting.  I just returned from a 7-week trip with my T6i and Canon 17-55/2.8.  A significant portion of my shots is front-focused.  Last year I took my T6i and Tamron 17-50/2.8 and again a significant amount of shots were front-focused.  This winter I was shooting with my T6i and Canon 55-250 mk1 and again some shots were inexplicably front-focused.  The effect is similar to that in the Fred Miranda link posted by Rover.


In the past I had a 7D which focused my Tamron 17-50 and Canon 55-250 perfectly, and front-focused my Canon 17-55 when focus was at infinity (headshots were fine).


All these lenses worked fine on my 400D.  I never had an issue.


All this has been very frustrating.  When you buy a new camera you think you are getting the latest and the greatest, but in terms of autofocus it has been a step backward each time for me.  I checked for firmware updates for my T6i but there are none (camera is running 1.0.0)


FWIW live-view gets focus dead-on every time but I hate using it


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