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Should I buy Canon EFs 17-55f2.8 again ?
With my T6i and 17-55/2.8 I'd say 40% of shots are correctly focused.  Another 40% are slightly front-focused and the last 20% are way, way front focused (e.g. infinity landscape shot and the foreground 1-2 m away is in sharpest focus).  This is for simple, static scenes.  I'm not talking about trying to follow action with servo mode and thin DOF.


So it's not just a matter of dialing in a bit of AFMA.  I did set AFMA on my 7D but the values for close focus and infinity focus were different.  The T6i doesn't have AFMA.


The focus errors are always front-focus, and never rear-focus.  My error rate seems worse with the polarizer on.  Bright/low light doesn't seem to matter.


I do wonder if DPAF is the panacea, or yet another gimmick?  I do like bokeh but not across the whole frame...


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Should I buy Canon EFs 17-55f2.8 again ? - by miro - 06-21-2017, 07:56 AM
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