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Should I buy Canon EFs 17-55f2.8 again ?
Quote:With my T6i and 17-55/2.8 I'd say 40% of shots are correctly focused. Another 40% are slightly front-focused and the last 20% are way, way front focused (e.g. infinity landscape shot and the foreground 1-2 m away is in sharpest focus). This is for simple, static scenes. I'm not talking about trying to follow action with servo mode and thin DOF.

So it's not just a matter of dialing in a bit of AFMA. I did set AFMA on my 7D but the values for close focus and infinity focus were different. The T6i doesn't have AFMA.

The focus errors are always front-focus, and never rear-focus. My error rate seems worse with the polarizer on. Bright/low light doesn't seem to matter.

I do wonder if DPAF is the panacea, or yet another gimmick? I do like bokeh but not across the whole frame...
I've got the same issues here, so getting a new lens won't solve the issue, using live view the focus is always spot on, otherwise expect front focus, I sent it for AF calibration they found nothing, sent it again and asked to correct front focus they said it's fine, asked him to make it back focus, it got better but not 100% on 7D with AFMA things are much better but not like with my 50f1.4 for instance

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Should I buy Canon EFs 17-55f2.8 again ? - by miro - 06-21-2017, 07:56 AM
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