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Transfering CR2 files from card to hard drive VERY slow in Win7 64-bit. How come?
Hi. This is the first time trying to use a Windows 7 64-bit computer to work with photos. My Windows XP machine just died. Coffee spill :/

So I had a photo shoot yesterday. I have a bout 1.5 GB of images to transfer. Connected the card reader with CompactFlash card to usb port of computer. Windows 7 recognized the reader and said - READY FOR USE. All good up to here.

But then..

When I tried dragging the Canon Raw image files (.CR2) from the card to the hard drive - the transfer seemed impossibly sloooowww. It said expected time would be 1 hour!

I stopped it and tried again. This time it said 3 hours!

I googled the issue and found people mentioning that 64-bit systems are not yet supported by Canon Raw. Though most were talking about viewing the images rather than transferring them from card to hard drive. I also found someone mentioning that 64-bit systems would cause the .CR2 files to become corrupt!!

The weird thing is that all these mentions I found on the internet seem dated... from 2009 or 2010.

Does anyone know what is going on today?

Are there still issues with Windows 7 64-bit and Canon Raw image files?

Is there some solution?

Please help..... it's kind of urgent. I need to get these images off the card soon.. before another shoot <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' />

There is no problem with cr2 files on Windows. The only minor annoyance is some newer bodies are not supported by Microsoft's raw viewer add-on, but that's no problem if you already use something else to do raw conversion.

My thoughts are: do you have the correct drivers installed for your system? Make sure the card reader is plugged directly into a USB2 (or USB3) port, although I guess anything slower is unlikely on a new system now. Avoid using an external hub to connect. Assuming the CF card isn't stupidly old/slow then the copy of 1.5 GB should take under a couple minutes or so. If you're using a very fast card, you might benefit from a faster card reader that uses USB3 for example. e.g. my Sandisk Extreme copies about 60MB/s with a Lexar reader over USB3 compared to ~20GB/s over USB2. Forgot to say, I'm using Windows 7-64 pretty much since launch without problem here.

Also if you use over-paranoid anti-virus software or other software that is looking at the card, that might be trying to simultaneously read from the card and slow things down.
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@adifrank: I use an USB-3.0 Cardreader (Hama) and Sandisk Extreme (without Pro) and Transcend 400x compact flash cards.

Read is about 66 MByte/s, about twice the speed of my old USB-2.0 device (which was quite good for USB 2.0).

OS is W7/64 and those thing you read made me laugh. I have something to do with desktops under Windows in my day job. Which kind of cardreader do you use?

Ciao, Walter
hi thank for the replies!

well it seems to be a problem with my card reader, or something between my card reader and windows7... in any case apparently it isn't a cannon - 64-bit issue.

I tried transferring directly from camera and all is well.


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