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Nikon & Thailand flooding
According to a report by photoscala their production has been heavily hit by the recent flooding.

They estimate a loss of 800mio$ revenue and don't expect to be back to fully operational status prior of march.

Seems as if Sony is not alone then ...

Sometimes it makes you wondering why plants are off-shored to countries which are either politically unstable and naturally ungifted. Problems during the monsoon period can't really come as a surprise.
I guess the question is how long have the factories been there? Are these floods likely to be annular in frequency? Or more like a once in 100 year frequency? Or somewhere in between?

New housing in the UK is turning like that. Lots of housing developments are built on natural flood areas. Precautions are of course put in to prevent routine flooding from happening, but I think they're supposed to be rated to once in 100 year flooding as an acceptable risk level.
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…. cheap …for a few minutes …or … globalisation, free trade,ideologies, climate change, radiation, currency chaos, ethics, quality control, uncentered lenses … did i miss anything …

… has anyone else noticed that the light/weather/scenery is rapidly becoming less interesting to photograph … or is it not happening up there … yet ...

... so long for now

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