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When Does Mirrorless Supplant DSLR?
An interesting thought on the matter by Thom Hogan :


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        Predicting the future is like looking into a load of crystal balls............



                   bet is to sit back and watch!
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Are we in a hurry?




^_^ santé

Ask here to get the answer: ;-)
Well my predictions was wrong. 15 years ago I was thinking that soon all will be mirrorless.
We are 2018, and I'm looking where we are. At best we have some lens converters . Only Sony offers something , but thet are stil not in pair with Canon / Nikon glass. Sigma offer something but it''s far from optimal.
I was out and about with friends at a maritime tall ships type event was very warm and sunny and everywhere was packed!

........there were many DSLRs that were out there shooting their stuff......the mix between Canon and Nikon seemed about equal..(maybe a tad more Nikons).

...there were of course plenty of compact cameras.......but what surprised me was I didn't see any of the Sony 7 series cameras.....(it doesn't mean there were none, I just didn't see them)........but they were conspicuous by their absence rather than their presence!

No real sign of ML taking over the game there!
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Does it matter ?
Does anything?
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