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Ultrawide double punch from Sony: 16-35 and 12-24
I'm a bit circling around in thoughts: Which FL I used most with the 14-24? Just checked quickly, but then I noticed the summary doesn't fit. Some of the pictures - majority - didn' show their actual FL, although it was the same camera  :blink:


Okay, without evidence: I think most pictures I did were not at 24 mm but in the range of 14-18mm. So, before I replace the 14-24, I want to wait for and test/tryout Sigma's 14/1.8 No easy call: a fast UWA coming with lots of focus problems - I saw them happening with 20/1.4 Art. Or a much less fast, but wider zoom. also AF problems. I don't know and I'm happy not to have to make the decision now. The AF problems are only concerning normal PD-AF.


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Ultrawide double punch from Sony: 16-35 and 12-24 - by JJ_SO - 05-17-2017, 10:52 PM

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