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Ultrawide double punch from Sony: 16-35 and 12-24
Guys, before you complain about "insanely high prices": Please prove to do a better lens at lower prices! These days everybody became an expert in how much a certain item "is allowed to be sold at". At the end manufacturers blurb about "price pressure" and produce in low level countries, because you give them the excuse to do so. Are you sure your jobs remain safe that way? Are you sure you have the overview about financing and target turnarounds?


You don't work for free and you don't work for the same salary you did 20 years ago. Buy the lens or leave it or build your own at lower costs. No one has to go the "new Mark II, III IV" each other year. I'm really a bit fed up about all hobby-analysts, the professional analysts already creating a lot of damage.


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Ultrawide double punch from Sony: 16-35 and 12-24 - by JJ_SO - 05-18-2017, 08:08 AM

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