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A77, Nex-7, Nex-5N Announcement is Today
[Image: Schermata2011-08-24a050550.png]
[quote name='Sathe Wild' timestamp='1314161231' post='10889']



Looks very nice ... albeit rather conventional. "Just" a next-gen DSLR.
[quote name='Klaus' timestamp='1314164037' post='10895']

Looks very nice ... albeit rather conventional. "Just" a next-gen DSLR.


- well it looks like it might focus in a hurry a tad better than something i'm more familiar with, so i'll have a closer look at it i think

DPR has already done an "initial" review. To me it looks quite interesting, if th QI is there. The number of AF cursors for example, looks unimpressive, where the shooting speed is amazing. Is this the direction of ILC's of the future?
Does Nex-5N have better jpegs (or senssor?) than even Nex-C3, D7000, A580, etc?

at least they added D7000 and 60D to the mix, and removed 645D
"A sensor over the viewfinder detects my eye and makes the switch between the LCD and EVF, but usually doesn't make the switch fast enough, leaving me first in the dark, then I see a screen that's a little too dark at first, then my eye adjusts. It's not a comfortable set of changes, going from very bright to very dark, then to somewhat bright, so most often I and my colleagues shied away from the EVF when out in daylight, preferring the LCD."

That does it for me right away! Nothing can excuse not being able to use the EVF in the long run! Also, I find even the D7000 outdoes the A77 at 1600 ISO. So, the long and the short of it is;

I keep looking at new cameras and technology, but so far nothing comes close to my D700 in overall performance (for me), except the D3S/X and the Canon comparables. I hope Nikon does not fall for the temptation of using this new tech on the advanced cameras until it is absolutely bomb proof. But <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' /> an 18 or 24mp sensor would be welcome any time!

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