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[Image: MG_8286.jpg]
this is a lovely shot Haring, for me everything about it is right, the skin, the lighting, the grade, the soft/sharp - well done -

but dare i say that (for me) ahem, [size="1"]i don't like the eyes[/size] - so could you call it something else please :-)

- it's just i have this thing about seeing the whites of the eyes underneath the iris, i know she is looking up and she's lovely and it's right - but -

- hmmm ... don't worry about it, it's just me and it is a lovely picture, a quality shot, thanks so much for showing it here

Beautiful shot, very well judged... your experience shows. The lens behaves well too, both background and foreground blur has nice bokeh. May I ask which lens you used?
Yes, lovely shot, could we have the exifs?
[quote name='Vieux loup' timestamp='1308041624' post='9199']

Yes, lovely shot, could we have the exifs?


a lens between 50- 100mm , wide open or almost wide open aperture (f/1.2-f/2) for shallow dof, Iso fast enough to achieve a handholdable shutter speed of 1/50 to 1/125 . Moore important: The photographer lookd for the right light (difuse front light, probably from a window), found a good position( slightly below the model) and waited for the right moment.

Stop being obsessed with technical details, vieux loup. Photography is not about dublicating somebody elses exif data, but to know the basic technical rules (like how to achieve shallow dof, what lens to chose and what the handholdable shutter speed for your lens is)and achieve strong composition. Duplicate shooting technique not data, to learn photogrphy.

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