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Lenses for my next NEX-5
[quote name='Guly88' timestamp='1304060775' post='7974']

[are we talking about the 35 f 1.4 Nocton? 'cose it doesn't seem huge to me...[/quote]

Sorry, my fault. I was referring to the 35/1.2, both are called Nokton.

[quote name='Guly88' timestamp='1304060775' post='7974']the new 21mm Zeiss is about 900 euro


Yes, but they are also available used and usually sell a bit below that price. Same is true for the ZM 25/2.8 (both come close to a 35mm equivalent).

-- Markus

[quote name='Brightcolours' timestamp='1304066710' post='7977']

Then you are set, I think?


The 16mm helps when shooting in NYC. If you prefer shooting primes you could also consider getting a second Nex body instead of one of the lenses. Then you could mount the wide angle on one body and the Leica M adapter with a normal prime on the other. Changing lenses and adapters in a dynamic city environment can be straining.
Did you consider Pentax lenses? There are many small lenses.

For example the 31/1.8 has decent bokeh.

On Minolta land, the MC 58/1.2 has nice bokeh.

The AF 35/2 is quite sharp wide open, and AF 28/2 is not bad either. The AF 100/2 is a gem but bigger and hard to find. I think the Sony LA-EA1 adapter can control the aperture of the Minolta AF lenses (but not the screw-driven autofocus).

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