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Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon...
Quote:Be it Fuji, Nikon, Sigma, Gitzo, Apple, Arca - doesn't matter: Although people are saying "Fuji is listening" (or any other brand, I never had access when I wanted to address a weird issue. 

Some of those brands are better at solving/avoiding some issues locally. 


For example, Fujifilm has quite good support here where I live (Istanbul/Turkey). They also have (free of charge, mind you) workshops where you can use any of their cameras and all their lenses for a whole day on street. So you can figure out what it's like to actually use their cameras in the field. Actually that's how I realized how awful Fuji's metering in real world and my gf decided that X-T10 with its tilt screen is more practical than X-E2. 


Even Sony has a concept store here whose sole purpose is to let you try their equipment. They don't even sell anything there, you just go in, take any camera and lens combo you want and give them a try. You can even take them outside for a few minutes, they are very lovely people. They even offered me free sensor cleaning when I ran into them in an event and take the (then new) A7S out for a try while my sensor is getting cleaned.


On the other hand, you want a Canon 5DSR? Good luck finding one to try, even for a few minutes. You heard the focus on the new Nikon D500 is great, can you try it with your favorite Sigma lens? Not here you can't. You have to trust on the reviews or find a way to rent the camera.


Actual tech support also depends on the localization, a lot. Of course no amount of localization will help anyone solve any global issues like Sony battery drain or Nikon left AF, but at least a good one will put some effort into dealing with you somehow. And maybe replace the peeling grip and the missing hot shoe cover while they're at it.


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