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Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon...
Thanks, dave, for breaking the radio silence in this lazy forum  :lol:


Well, the D300(s) also falls short compared to D500, so development is always involved - at least, Sony IS developing. Nikon not even has a silent shutter for 1 fps  Big Grin Not to speak of other developments like cutting card-slots out of new bodies.


Also, another downside are the "fake" 1/32000 shutter speed, a misinterpretation I also made for the Fuji - and no manufacturer clearly states the kind of X-sync speed for electronic shutter, which is the time the sensor needs for one complete readout. Meanwhile I think, this kind of "many thousands of a second" as sort of ND filter for fast lenses. Real high speed needs fast flash-guns.


And the next downside was the failing AF-C. Although this could be the problem of wrong handling or set up, the videos about that athletic event (which is a cool move of Sony) showed a bit too much of missed focus.


2 minutes writing time after a long burst of RAWs and only one of two SD card slots is UHS II And where are the superfast XQD-card-slots? I guess, so rarely to find in shops that Sony just made a practical decision. It would have been a cool move to use the two slots alternating and get 50 % savings in writing time. Yes, if one card get broken you would miss half the shots.


But first, weddings don't require 20 fps and can deal with the second card as a backup, second 10 fps is still not bad. Should be very easy to write even frame numbers to slot 2 and odd numbers to slot 1. But it doesn't have an USB-C connector, so downloading has to happen over LAN


I think, specs are one part, real life another and after a while the dust settles a bit and the hype has to focus on the next "crazy hot shit". Like an α9 R or α9 S (higher Resolution / higher ISO). Trouble is, CaNikon now only can rely on their long glass (and also other specialities, sure). In terms of speed and AF-coverage they are just not on par. Even the models for 2 k$ more than Sony's offer.


Videos with blown highlights was Jordan's (of Camera Store) great concern and the missed F-log or other profiles, too - so, Sony managed to put enough stuff wrongly in or not at all to make us talk about. Each talk is basically good for them, no?


Downsides aside the α9 (and I wonder that no reviewer knows Greek αlphabet  :lol: , so far all were dumb enough to talk about "the new A 9)) this thing has to offer a lot. The competition is not even close this kind of finder, AF point coverage, versatility, electronic shutter which is not delivering noticeable banding inside a sports hall. They made a lot of things right, kudos for that.


We didn't even talk about the battery grip with two more standard batteries - there's either the exceptional huge Nikon D5 type or the pretty normal, quickly drowned in liveview or filming EN-EL15 from Nikon, but no grip from Nikon comes with two. Underneath a Fuji, that grip gives an adequate amount of additional use and advantages and is well designed. Nikon on the contrary is now in my perception offering accessories which make things worse for a steep price. GPS-receiver, microphone, grip: expensive and badly done. Glass - partly great at steep prices. But where Tamron or Sigma swim in the same waters, alternatives are cheaper and not worse, but partly better than the genuine stuff.


I'm observing the developments of Nikon with interest, but they have to fly to the moon first before I open my wallet again for their offers.


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