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Sony 9 coming - better get started, CaNikon...
Toni, you're no professional as far as I know, so leave that bit about the professional service to the persons who really need and use it. I can say that I have an NPS card from Nikon Switzerland, which exactly does nothing except bringing the Nikon News each 3 months in my letterbox.


All the times Nikon had to repair their well designed bugs in the Service-Centers: D750 finder problem, white spots problem, D800 AF module problem, and the fabulous 300/4 PF E VR problem Nikon didn't offer me a rental product. I had to ask for it. The 85/1.4 G in repair was not replaced by a rental item although I had to wait weeks for the defect AF-drive.


This is in Switzerland where money usually is no big issue. I guess, the Nikon center pampers few full time pros, but for the rest of us there's no advantage coming with this NPS membership. I doubt Sony will do worse than that.


However I agree, technological edge doesn't mean winning (what exactly do you think they want to win - ruling the photographic world?  Big Grin ). But a wedding camera without shutter sound in FF? At the moment the missing of long FL is the only rescue boat CaNikon has left.


And as dave points out brilliantly, Nikon is still waiting at the bus station. To me it just remains unclear if they can read the timetable or are at least at the right bus line waiting.


The decent RAW converter will be Capture One. All Sony Alpha 7 bring a special version of C1 with them, debatable one of the best available converters around. The Alpha 9 is nothing for me, simply too fast to be of use - but Sony shows the other guys very decently what is possible in mirrorless bodies. let's see what the boys will answer to that.


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