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In need of advice for purchasing budget 22-24" LCD monitor
Hey Thomas... (and anyone else following this thread).

Just to update - I did send the replacement monitor back and yesterday received my 2nd replacement (3rd monitor overall). It also has the green REFURBISHED sticker on it. It is a revA01, made in the Czech Republic, August 2010.

It is undoubtedly better than the previous two units I got from Dell. If I reach my head out to the left and look at the right side of the screen at an angle and when the image is black, I still can detect a bit of pink-purplish tinting. But I'll live with it. It is really barely visible and I'll be working mostly directly in front of the monitor, not at an angle. There is a faint glow along the edges of the screen when looking at a full-frame black image in a dark room, but I understand this is normal for IPS panels. No dead pixels and nothing that looks like a back-light leak.

So, I'm happy now. It's not a monitor that will blow your mind... you get what you pay for and in this case it is a good bargain if you have the patience are willing to go through one or two replacements (unless you're lucky on first try). For me - I urgently needed a monitor for only a short term and didn't want to invest in a more professional display. So with this in mind, I think it will be fine. But if I had to depend on this monitor for all my work and for a long time - I would advise against it, I would spend more money and get a better model.

Have a great 2011!!!


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