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Slide duplicator for scanning slides with DSLR
hi all,

I heard using a slide duplicator is the cheap, efficient and fast way toscan slides.

I mount the slide duplicator on my DSLR, put the slide in its slot, shoot, the picture is digitalized.

however does anyone know where can I find one ???

Can I find an APS-C designed one ?
Using a duplicator is what I do right now to get my roughly

6000 slides digitized. It requires a certain amount of time,

an you shoulnd't compare the output with that of a dedicated

slidescanner, however, the method is quite cheap (I payed

15euros for my duplicator ... including a T2-EF adapter...

I bought mine 2nd hand from ebay) and also, the results

are good enough to print A4 (or even A3) if you spend some

more work in postprocessing on the images. Right now,

I can get around 100 slides scanned in 60 minutes. This time

also includes the raw-conversion of the images.

The drawback is, you can only use this on a fullframe dSLR ...

because the duplicator is constructed as a dedicated macro lens

with a magnification between 1:1 and 2:1 ... for a crop camera it

should start at 1:2, and I haven't yet seen such a duplicator.

Just my 2cts ... Rainer
Back in 70s/80s (and back in the USSR) a so-called film reproductor used to be made by "Belomo".

It had a light table the size of 35mm frame and precisely adjustable camera-holder arm above it. You had to use it with an SLR fitted with your regular 1:1 macro lens or with extension rings.

The "Belomo" site doesn't list it any more though.
[quote name='toni-a' timestamp='1292012120' post='4935']

I heard using a slide duplicator is the cheap, efficient and fast way toscan slides.


If you just want to digitise slides, a slide duplicator is good. If you want to preserve the film look as much as possible... I'd look at a high-end flatbed scanner or professional scanning services.

[quote name='toni-a' timestamp='1292012120' post='4935']

Can I find an APS-C designed one ?


Like someone else suggested... make your own one... just get a light box, put the camera on a tripod and focus on the slide. You may not even need a proper macro lens if you're willing to crop. Like I said... if you want the maximum quality digitisation of a slide, there are better ways to do it than using a DSLR.


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