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next PZ lens test report: Sony 50mm f/1.8 DT

Superb value lens
[quote name='Klaus' timestamp='1290352970' post='4311']


Superb value lens


Thanks for the review. I think Sony is trying to have a range of "affordable" lenses to sell a 2nd lens to the A3xx/5xx kit owners.

This lens is about the same size as the old Minolta 50/1.7. Did you try to mount it on the A850/900?

BTW we're more waiting for the tests of the new lenses like 35/1.8 & 85/2.8
I'm very happy Klaus with your sony lens review... now we only want to know how good are 35 f1,8 - 85 f2,8n and the zeiss 24 f2

Thanks Klaus for your work.

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