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Is it possible to update ACR with PS CS2?
Open RAW -> Opens in ACR -> Change settings -> Opens in the programm -> process as needed.

Ever come across the point *after some editing* where you recognised something like "Colour temperature doesn't feel quite right" or "Need to correct lens distortion. No, it's a moustache, CS doesn't know how to handle this" or "Pushed the darker parts too hard, have to surpress noise" or any other point where ACR rocks and CS sucks?

Well ... and now ... back to field one.

Sorry, this is not a plug-in, this a a preprocessor, a one-way converter, not able to be used inside the workflow but in the very beginning.

This simply sucks!

Ciao, Walter
ACDSee is basically a (very good, by the way) DAM manager and image browser, to which someone added a RAW conversion module which is really some leagues below the level of LR and Co.

I use ACDSee Pro myself to handle my pictures, archive wise, but I'd never use it to convert RAW.

Try Capture One or Silkypix, instead.
CS2 is the oldest version of photoshop from which you can still upgrade to CS5. It isn't cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than buying a full version. If you're used to working with photoshop, maybe that's an option.


[quote name='Reinier' timestamp='1286292863' post='3501']

Walter, did you mean buying LR 3 instead of CS5? I already have LR 2 and DPP from Canon, but I mainly use Photoshop so far.

[quote name='Sebastian' timestamp='1286276805' post='3496']

This is - unfortunately - the truth. However, you can use also Adobes free DNG Converter and convert all new camera raws to Adobes DNG format and than use your old ACR version.





This is the approach I am using now using having recently upgraded my camera. Adobe DNG converter is very inconvenient as it does not allow you to select individual files (only folders) from the graphical user interface. Fortunately it's possible to select individual files using the command line interface. Here's an easy way to configure windows so that you can convert to DNG from a right-click:

Open a folder window, go to "Tools", then "Folder options". Select the "Files Types" tab. Find your raw extension (eg CR2) and select it. Press "Advanced" and create a new action (press "New"). In the dialog box which appears enter the following settings:

Action: convert to DNG

Application ...: ""C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe DNG Converter.exe" -c -cr5.4 "%1"

(you may need to adjust this to suit your installation)

Uncheck "use DDE".

You can make this the default action if you want.

Once you've done this you should be able to right-click on any raw image(s) and select "convert to DNG". The DNG file(s) is(are) saved into the same folder with the extension replaced by .dng. It won't overwrite existing files but append a number onto the filename. Maybe this is documented somewhere but I set this up a few days ago. Now using DNG converter is an acceptable part of my workflow instead of being some horrid kludge which involved copying raw files to a temporary directory for conversion.

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