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Thinking about buying the GFX? Article by DpReview
Didn't try GFX nor D850 but from what I read, not a single guy said GFX autofocus was better, as for sensor performance from the pictures I saw both are capable of delivering outstanding results.

However as you mentioned for studio work GFX seems a stellar performer
I didn't write "judging things you never had in hands nor made a single picture with it" to tease or harm you.


If you ever try a MF camera you will see how different the reactions foreground - subject - background do come out. If you like, you can try for yourself: Take a picture at 25 mm with your 7DII, then take enough pictures at 50 mm to cover the same frame and stitch the result (crop from Canon to Fuji is roughly 2×).


The more tele you go, the more dense will the background be. Very blurred background and very sharp subject = very tri-dimensional picture. 

Joju, most of the things I've said on the previous page (AF speed, ease of use, service, retail etc.), think of them compared to other medium format manufacturers. Even the shitty Mobile App. Yes those are still horrible compared to CaNikon, yet they are miles ahead of what Hasselblad/Phase One has been able to do so far.

I don't know Hasselblad, but the bit I played with a Phase One, AF was pretty snappy. Are you referring to Capture Pilot or their tethering? Because tethering with Fuji... for LR, you need to have a windows PC (!) and pay some extra cash for a plugIn (!!)


This here is for toni:


[Image: i-zbfSz5P-X2.jpg]


the 63/2.8 is the standard lens of GFX. f/5.6, but the background is blurred enough to not distract. Details like hair and skin don't need added sharpness, they are rendered by bigger pixels which gives the colors more energy.

Tethering is absolutely fantastic with Capture One but I haven't been able to make Capture Pilot work so far. No idea what's wrong, maybe it's because I'm using a desktop PC instead of a laptop. No idea. Other than that, good luck transfering your photos from the camera to a mobile for a quick edit on site on any other medium format system. To be honest, Sony is by far the best for that, simply because you can transfer the files via NFC without pressing many buttons, going through settings and such. I've more than once used my A7 to transfer photos that were taken with another camera to my mobile so that I could quickly edit and send them to the customer. Just put the card into the A7, go to play mode, touch the NFC tag of the phone to the side of the A7 and it's done. It's worth its money as a card reader alone, really Smile.


GFX files really are almost magic, coming from 35mm. Lenses are ridiculously beautiful, pixels are fat, files are rich and editability is unlike anything I've worked with so far.


Then I remember the aperture dial on the 63mm I had in my hands. Bloody thing wouldn't switch to f/2.8 if you turn the dial too fast. It'd go f/4>f/3.6>f/3.2>f/4 again. You have to move it back and forth a few times so it'd finally catch. That's unacceptable for a lens that has been used for less than a year. Yes it belonged to the workshop team so it probably has been abused more than it's been used but come on, if such a thing happens in less than a year, it'll happen to my own copy in what? 3 years? And that lens costs about 1500$? 


Actually I wouldn't mind if it happens in 3 years because all Fujifilm products have 3 year warranty here Smile. Nope, still unacceptable. 

Where is the 50mm f4.5 135 format comparison shot to make a convincing argument that that GXF renders depth differently?

The rendering is different than pretty much all what we have in 135 format but that's most probably due to the actual lens design than sensor simply having a larger area. I'm absolutely not convinced that the lenses somehow become magic because the sensor is marginally larger than a 35mm FF sensor, no. 


Oh sorry I meant much microcontrast, such 3D pop, muh transition zone.

obican, it's pointless to explain things like that to someone whose religion is equivalence and never realizes this equivalence can't be only aperture or FL. Everything in the process of making a picture until looking at one has to be equivalent to make the equation work - which is the reason it never works  Big Grin

Oh btw, it's not that much of a hassle to make GFX RAW files work with Capture One. Lack of Capture One tethering would be the real problem though.

Interesting. I tried to import some of the RAWs I brought back, but had to go Iridient or ON1PhotoRAW - these two worked great  Smile


At least with uncompressed Fuji RAWs (are there also compressed ones?). Roughly double size of D850 compressed RAW.  :mellow:


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