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Thinking about buying the GFX? Article by DpReview
Quote:Now, I guess I have to look it up Sad .  The ones I've been using recently are Rebel T1i (D500) and 5D Mark ii.  Processors are...
...DiGIC 4 for both.  And anyways I am not a technician.  There may be a difference between the capability to span a dynamic range and the ability to sense as many shades at the sensor level, thus you could display the dynamic range, but only parts of the range will be detected by the sensor, so the outcome is different.
And actually I would not look forward to dealing with new controls, or software.  But it seems almost a sure thing that getting good photos of some subjects would be easy, and that's what puts the fun in it.  Fujifilm is working its way to a much better camera, and this current one is just round 1.  I like to see these developments because unlike Reaganomics trickle down theory, This technology has the potential to be affordable somewhere down the line.
Both cameras (500D and 5D mk II) use very similar tonal curves, so standard output will have similar DR. RAW will contain more DR, which you can show by lowering contrast (pushing up the white point, bringing down the black point), tonal mapping. Nothing to do with which version of processor the cameras use.

This Fuji uses the same Sony sensor as the Hasselblad and the Pentax. Sony's sensor tech has trickled up in this case, not trickled down.
Yesterday evening In  saw during a little YouTube session that Phase one also offers focus stacking mode (without merging the files in camera). That's now the second after Nikon D850 I know of. Are there more modes out there ready to stack?


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