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The mess that is "Sony Alpha" (and a bit EOS)
Sony calling all systems now "Alpha", be it DSLR/SLT FF/APS-C or mirrorless CFKANEX APD-C and mirrorless FF, makes for trouble in the lens review categories. 


Four thirds and Micro four thirds neatly have their separate categories. APS-C and FF tests neatly have their own categories.

Sony CFKANEX lives under "Sony NEX Lens Tests", yet it is not NEX anymore. Sony FF tests do not separate the different mounts, where four thirds and micro four thirds neatly do separate the different mounts (and Sony APS-C tests do separate, be it in the now wrong NEX moniker).


Canon EOS used to be neatly divided in FF and APS-C. But now, the different mirrorless EOS M mount gets lumped in with the DSLR EOS mount.


I gather that unsurely but slowly someone may or may not work on a new framework for photozone, maybe the lens mounts can be categorized more consistently there?

We just follow the mess ... ;-)


Sony started with NEX and now they are calling everything "Alpha".


However, yes, we should change all that.

The thing is - the original plan was to migrate to a new portal ... in early 2016. 

But Sebastian has different priorities at the moment.


I guess I will have to do it ... somehow.

Sony called NEX Alpha too.

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