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Living without my prefered gear for one month...
Quote:At the time, they were the nicest DSLRs to use. But yes, things have come a long way, controls wise. I had a 350D with a similar control scheme, and was fine with it back then. When I now handle a 350D, indeed I get puzzled and frustrated with how and where to set things.
Not the nicest, mind you - the 1D Mark II N was from the same generation but it was miles ahead in every respect apart from naked resolution - it was the same as the 30D and almost 4 MP less than the 5D. But so what, I was never chasing the highest pixel counts, else I would've been trudging along with a 5DS now (God forbid!)


At the time, of course, it was prohibitively expensive like every erstwhile-current 1D model is/was. Later, though, the prices came down to almost the 5D levels. These 4,5 years with the 1D Mark II N were so nice for me, even though by 2014 that camera became decidedly dated even for my applications, so I mustered a hefty sum to buy a 1D Mark IV. I expect that body to be good indefinitely for me because I don't often need sky-high ISO now (decent quality 6400 is all right by me, with 25600 as an emergency exit). I would've appreciated something like a 80D for backup though, or even a clean 1DS Mark III, but lately I've not been thinking of expanding my lineup - on the contrary, some events in my life are making me question the stuff I'm doing (even more than usual).

I vote for take 5D and 100 Macro, and 24-105L as the work horse.  I'm not sure if you'd need anything wider.  But those will give you predictable results.  Even if that were your only set up, you still have a lot of fun with it!


I have a 350 D, too.  I would argue that it could take good enough photos for most purposes, but the controls get hard to figure out, and the review screen...well...let's just say it is like the film era, in that I don't find out until the photos are on my computer!


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