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New Zeiss Batis is coming
I guess 135/2.0

Would Zeiss make STF lenses? 135mm STF should be in line with new offerings from Fuji and others
Woah woah woah woah... Slow down. They barely started implementing AF!

No. Zeiss makes 2 types of Softar filters - sorry, the used to, today it's rebadged B+W stuff. I'm not sure but they never implemented filter elements inside a lens. That would sabotage their reasoning about the oh-so-impossible-to-make-High-Quality-lenses-with-AF  :lol: They should speak to Sigma and tell them, "all wrong with your 85/1.4 Art, due to AF it simply can't be that good".


[Image: 5515920104_c3ba1e693b_b.jpg]


And I have no idea, which Fuji lens you're referring to? The 56/1.2 APD is "equivalent" to 84 mm FF. 

I have a Softar II but I haven't used it yet. Bought it just because it came with front and rear caps and the price was the same as buying those two caps so it's a free filter Big Grin

So it'll be a f/2.8
Well a softar now is pointless unless you you don't want to do any post processing with digital or you want to print straight from film without post processing.

Very easy to mimic in PhotoShop, duplicated layer, on the new layer increase exposure or tweak levels to have a brighter more luminous version, apply gaussian blurr, decrease transparency to taste and you're done.

You have more control on the blurr, brightness everything there are even plugins that do it
135/2.8 at the (Zeiss) price point? Looks like a D.O.A. product to me. :o Just like the Loxia 85/2.4 that makes almost zero sense in the presence of the Batis 85/1.8.
Boring lens.  A compact 200mm 2.8 would have been a nice alternative to the $4000 AUD 1.5kg 70-200mm F2.8

$2000 ! wow that is stupid

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