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Good and bad lens copies - brands summary
I just realized this paragraph could be misunderstood:

[quote name='mst' date='15 June 2010 - 10:37 AM' timestamp='1276594628' post='534']

if you purchase a fast tele prime, that carries APO in its name (for a price, that would have bought you a Nikon 200/2 VR just a year ago, before Nikon raised the prices) you'd probably expect it to be free of LoCAs.[/quote]

This was meant as a general statement, I did not want to indicate that I had purchased a Leica lens for that price (rest assured I didn't). I just wanted to put Leica's extremely high prices into perspective.

-- Markus

Again, thanks for the open answer. I think (and you know that too, for sure ;-) that you have an ideal combination of cameras - what else should one want? Take my bow. I was just curious what the hardworking lens reviewer likes to carry the most today :-)

I´m looking forward to your upcoming reviews very much, hope your attitude will never be spoiled by the ubiquitous commercialism and your verditcs won´t be spoiled by the american attitude (i.e. the top, "excellent" mark is given to every average product).

(maybe) see you in another thread,


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