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considering a canon EOS film body your recommendations
EOS 30: Relatively recent body so it has good AF. Eye-Control is a gimmick to some but it's a good way to select AF points. You can also go for a EOS 30V which has E-TTL II if I remember correctly. Otherwise they are similar. Even EOS 33 and 33V are considerable despite the lack of  Eye-Control since it's a pretty alright camera and lightweight.


EOS 50: Can be found for very cheap and they sold a ton of them so it's easy to find as well. Lots of external controls, lightweight body and still decent AF (But shows its age). 


EOS 3: Pretty good AF, 45 points to select from and it has Eye-Control so it's usable as well. It can probably handle anything you throw at it. Not the lightest camera you can buy but it's still around 800g with film and battery, which is managable. Pretty much a 1V without the bulletproof build quality.


EOS 1V: If you can afford one, it's an EOS 3 without the Eye-Control but you can kill someone with it if you want to.


EF-M: Pretty odd and unique camera. Has the EF mount but no Autofocus at all. Comes with old-school split finder with microprism so you can focus manually relatively easy. Bear in mind that most EF lenses have very short focus throws and all EOS cameras have AF-Confirmation beeps even when focusing manually. I like this one for its ergonomics too, only EF mount camera with seperate Aperture and Shutter speed dials.


[Image: Canon-ef-m-three-quarter.jpg]



Try to avoid: Anything with more than 2-digit model number.


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