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Canon CEO: 'we will go on the offensive... in the mirrorless camera market'
Looks like they are finally ready to move full-force to mirrorless.
Better later than never.

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He also said that they won't go high-end mirrorless.
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So finally Canonites will get a headphone socket?..........maybe! (satire)
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Canon could do whatever they want, yet people had no better alternatives or no viable alternatives to their products, check 17-85 that was a poor performing lens, yet sold well, such a lens has zero chances of making such sales nowadays.
Now as we have true and serious competition they feel themselves forced to react and offer us what we are asking for.
Even if they release a full frame mirrorless I doubt it will be their pro flagship model, it will be coexisting with 1Dx and 5D lines just like EOS-M while flagship APS-C model is 7D line.

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