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focus accuracy vs precision SLR vs mirrorless
(08-17-2021, 02:20 PM)Klaus Wrote: That all being said - it's all a question of how holy you want to have it. An occasional misfocus is usually not the end of the world.

All depends on your priorities, and what you are shooting it's true in 99.99% of cases though

the problem is sometimes you take a lot of shots but you have to choose one or two, it's frustrating when you enlarge thumbnail to discover it's the misfocused one .
Experience taught me that in portraits photoshoots I take many photos there will be always a close replacement for A misfocused shot.
When shooting any social event I absolutely avoid wide apertures for important photos using DSLR, increased DOF will almost always compensate for any tiny focus error, on APS-C USING 17-55 AT f4 I don't have any issues, better have some noise than a misfocused shot.

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