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focus accuracy vs precision SLR vs mirrorless
(08-17-2021, 10:17 PM)Arthur Macmillan Wrote: I should have addressed that quote too.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  All modern interchangeable cameras are modern miracles to me.  I've been using my low budget Olympus E-M10 III a lot lately, just for fun.  In most ways the 90D works better, but the little camera is fun!  And plus I can mount any lens I have on it.  Nah, I just am trying to understand the strengths of the systems.  Even my EOS Rebel XT can take very good pictures.  But life is much easier with the 90D.  I always try to move up in cameras.  Since the 90D is my top camera, and I shoot nature, the next camera will have to outperform it in my eyes.  That is the only time I get critical.  When I am trying to find something better than what I had - usually I replace my top camera, not supplement it.  None of my extra cameras were selected and bought by me.  They are mostly castoffs.  The Olympus was a gift, that was given right back!  Oh, well! 


Hi Mac ... 
                Yeah, the 90D takes a lot of beating for birding and wildlife with it's high resolution 32 Mps APSc sensor ...... I wish Nikon would produce/had produced a D500 II with the same resolution ....... maybe in ML form one day ??
  .....   a 45 Mps FF sensor cropped to APSc is about 19 Mps ......... the 90D gives you about 60% more resolution, which means more pixels on your bird which is where you want them ...... not mention the advantage of the 1.6 crop over Nikon's 1.5 crop ..... for even more reach .....

 ...... however, that very clear high pixel density advantage didn't seem to resonate here !!

Go well !!
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