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Did I read correct: Canon now has in body image stabilisation
I thought that in cameras with in camera IS the imager physically moved to counteract the shaking motion of the camera.  Is "digital image stabilization something a little more phony?  Like, ha, ha, "Digital Zoom"?  I'm pretty sure with Oly MFT, and Sony they use a sensor shift method.  I'm not quick to laugh at sensor shift stabilization for a couple of reasons.  Namely reduced elements and sharper, cheaper lenses.  I have to admit I don't understand the in lens form of stabilization.  I had imagined it was gyroscopic, but lens diagrams show lens elements that are stabilizing. 


The only functional thing I care about stabilization is that Canon IS allows you to see a steady image in the viewer, where other systems cause you to see a shaky or jumping image that does not reflect the state of the capture.  Again, my impression is that Oly MFT imager shift stabilization is 100% legit.  And even adds addition high resolution mode.


So in Pentax IS not legit, somehow?  I've liked the K1 camera in reviews.  Not the same as using one, I guess!  Oh, wait, the K01 is not the same camera, right?


Is model club another way of saying stripper bar?


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