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Did I read correct: Canon now has in body image stabilisation
Quote:I thought that in cameras with in camera IS the imager physically moved to counteract the shaking motion of the camera.  Is "digital image stabilization something a little more phony?  Like, ha, ha, "Digital Zoom"?  I'm pretty sure with Oly MFT, and Sony they use a sensor shift method.  I'm not quick to laugh at sensor shift stabilization for a couple of reasons.  Namely reduced elements and sharper, cheaper lenses.  I have to admit I don't understand the in lens form of stabilization.  I had imagined it was gyroscopic, but lens diagrams show lens elements that are stabilizing. 


The only functional thing I care about stabilization is that Canon IS allows you to see a steady image in the viewer, where other systems cause you to see a shaky or jumping image that does not reflect the state of the capture.  Again, my impression is that Oly MFT imager shift stabilization is 100% legit.  And even adds addition high resolution mode.


So in Pentax IS not legit, somehow?  I've liked the K1 camera in reviews.  Not the same as using one, I guess!  Oh, wait, the K01 is not the same camera, right?


Is model club another way of saying stripper bar?
If you look at the prices for non stabilized Sony lenses, you will realize that in-lens IS has very little to do with the price. Also, you do not need more elements for IS stabilization, you just need to choose which group is stabilized and that will be one of the design parameters.


The Pentax K01 is not the Pentax K1. The Pentax K01 is a failed little camera which has a mirrorbox but no mirror, creating a mirrorless camera with senseless bulk. The K1 is Pentax' first full frame 135 fotmat DSLR. Pentax has used IBIS for many years, it used to be the worst performing IBIS implementation but I have no idea how they perform nowadays, my bet is that they have improved a lot.


Sony bought out Konica-Minolta pioneered IBIS since their first digital SLR (Dynax/Maxxum 7D). Sony continued to offer IBIS in their DLRs and SLTs, but dropping it with the NEX series. Only the  newest models of the APS-C cameras formerly known as NEX ( CFKAN) and A7 series began to offer IBIS again.

Olympus has offered IBIS in most models, Panasonic used to use OIS which created a strange duality for MTF. Olympus, in their most expensive camera, offers a combination of OIS and IBIS with a select (very few?) lenses for improved 5 stops of stabilization, now.


The digital image stabilization Canon offers for video on the M5/6 seems to work pretty well, but is of no use for photography.


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