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Yongnuo YN 60mm f/2 MF announced
for DSLRs?
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Wonder why Manual focus since they already made autofocus lenses, and why Canon EOS not mirrorless where manual focus is easier ? unless you want to use it exclusively for macro then that's fine
Manual focus lens AND it is specifically mentioned as having firmware upgrade capability.

Well, stranger things have happened.
One wonders whether this is a true macro lens with the appropriate correction for distances or whether it just does well at close distance......

....whatever, it is up against some very stiff competition in the macro world.......and you can buy some S/H legendary macros (pre OS) for a similar price to this lens.

The lack of AF is probably an advantage listening to their 100mm AF sounds like you've trodden on the cat.

I'm not sure how a firmware update will change anything on an unstabilized MF lens!
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