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Sample Gallery: Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 HSM DG OS Contemporary
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Not too shabby - for the price. I was surprised by it a year ago as I didn't realize Sigma made this thing.

But Tamron also makes such a thing, and the big question appears "which to buy?" Even though I own a couple of Sigma Art primes, in the long range Tamron does a couple of things better - not necessarily optical, but usage:

  • Tamron offers a (pricey) collar, but it comes with inbuilt Arca-type foot and fits perfect on the metal part of the lens barrel
  • Focus limiter - best system I know: depending on the distance, the limited area is in front or behind a chosen and adjustable (tap-in console) limit distance OR an also adjustable fixed focus range.
  • lens hood is easier to attach, I'd say
  • No problem to hand hold, but that goes as well for the Sigma. VC is excellent.
  • rubber gasket around the mount (Sigma's contemporaries don't have that feature) Don' know if it's only cosmetics or indicates better sealing.
  • Tamron (VII) has the second best tripod foot right in the package. Sigma has a better one for the Sports, but adds extra 200,- to the bill (and to the weight as well)
  • zoom brake at any position (Tamron VII), Sigma Sports at some positions, Contemporary without.
  • lens hood of Tamron less complicated to put on than Sigma Sports, Contemporary I don't know.
I also tried Tamrons 85/1.8, but that falls short to the 85/1.4 Art. But as of now, for tele-zooms I'd look first into Tamron.

[Image: i-gpMttcR-XL.jpg]

Tamron 100-400, 400 mm cropped, f/9, D850

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