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Announcement from Sony: You can have an AF/MF switch on your lens now
Quote:An STF cream machine with OSS ... I am impressed. It could be a little faster though.

I'm happy this is a 100mm lens and not a 135mm (like the old STF) or 85mm (Like Fuji APD) as I find that the focal length more favorable compared to either but  yeah, I'd wish this were an f/2 lens without OSS. All the bodies have IBIS in them anyway, are they trying to say that IBIS is only good for lenses shorter than 85mm? How is that a good compromise for having a significantly heavier and larger body?



Quote:The AF/MF switch is also present on the 85GM.


But yes, ergonomics on the Sony E lens range is a big mess Sad


Still, I'm quite happy to see that they listened to all the people asking for an affordable 85/1.8 and a STF lens with AF. And the "macro" (1:4) mode on the 100 STF should be quite useful too.


Now let's hope that 35/2 and 135/1.8 are coming next Smile

50GM does not have it though, again, why then? Smile. Also, I'd really like a sensible, resonably priced and sized 100/2 for best compromise instead of all the specialist lenses that we ended up with.



Quote:I wonder how this 85mm unit compares with the Batis...

Same here. Had loved the handling and overall feel with Batis and almost bought it a few weeks ago where a store had both 25mm and 85mm in used but pristine condition. Walked out with the 25mm instead.

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