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New Fujinons on the roadmap it seems
Nearly missed the last joke Fuji made on their owner's cost: X-T2's firmware should have been able to allow users to create and choose folders on the SD card.

I'm very afraid I missed the rocket tech part of this idea, but Fuji messed up, threw out firmwares 4.01 to reinstall basically FW 3.00, then 4.10 came and brought back some functions of 4.00, just no folder creating magic, and now 4.20 came out and gives fanboys all reasons to call me trolling just because I make fun out of a non-working firmware. While even die-hard fanboys ask "why it is not working?"

Yeah, why? Since 2008 I haven't owned a single Nikon which could not create folders - not that I needed it that much, but for focus stacks it's a nice move the camera does it in new folders... And Fuji, right after the invention of (dial) wheels and (aperture) wheels just could not make it work. I hope they have a reliable person caring for the fire in their cave.

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