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New Fujinons on the roadmap it seems
(07-20-2018, 04:49 PM)Rover Wrote: The 8-16 and 16-80 look like a nice combo. I've been thinking for a couple years now about switching to a Fuji mirrorless camera, and these two lenses would be a good start for the system, innit. Then the 100-400 and I'd be set.

(until the next big thing comes along, that is - as always Big Grin)

I'd strongly recommend to try the system before you throw 2000+1800 (8-16, 100-400) +2000 (X-H1 or two X-T20) + X (16-80, I estimate 800-1000 if it's a good one). around 2019 available (could also become 2020...) at them. Just keep on thinking, rover, and imagine how cool Fuji would be if they could fix their quirks. But who knows? At the time they really release the 16-80, they might have been able to bring out a sort of decent firmware.

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