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So many new lenses mounts and camera bodies...who would do all the reviews ???
Was thinking about Klaus, with all those new bodies and lenses coming... who would do all those reviews ?? and when ?? how to have time for this enormous  job.... and how to get hands on all those expensive gear ?
I think the answer is clear: nobody can, or will, attempt to pick this huge bundle apart right away. Especially not with the site being a hobby affair for Klaus and Markus. Maybe it's going to start some time later when the fever dies down a little, and even then it's not going to be fast.
Those that will review such high priced bodies/lenses will be the reviewers with ties to the industry, who either receive the lenses for free, or who are dependent on Canon/Nikon/Sony advertisement for their finances.
I'm rather sure will adapt these lenses to their OLAF system quickly. They make their money with renting stuff and checking that stuff after rent, so to me it's obvious that Roger Cigala will carry on that way. After some time to adjust the measuring system.

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