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Holy moly ... Fujifilm GFX 100 ... 100mp ...
Nobody compares the length. Only diagonal maybe. Surface of the sensor is much mote important. 35 mm has a 2x3 ratio whereas the GFX has the 3x4 ratio. Maybe we should compare the height of the sensor instead? Why not? I say it is bullshit. Of course, the "full frame" 645 sensor is better, but hey, Phase One IQ4 costs over $40K. Just compare the size and weight of Schneider 40-80 zoom lens with the GF 32-64 and the size and weight of Phase One vs GFX 50R.

Talking about lens support, the GFX system is very young. Remember when the X system hit the market? Now it has the best lens lineup in APS-C world. And I feel that the popularity of the GFX is so high partly due to the possibility of adapting third-party lenses. Canon TS-E work very well, so do many MF lenses like Mamiya or Pentax. Focus peaking allows manual focusing so easy, that, for example, Zeiss Otus 85/1.4 makes so much more sense to me on the GFX than on Canon or Nikon.

Regarding the IQ, the difference is HUGE. I switched from Canon 1Dx (I still have it), I tried Nikon D850, Sony A7R3... GFX beats them easily in IQ. It is much slower now, but PDAF in the 100S should fix this issue. Anyway, GFX is not meant to be used in sports/action.

And... just remember that Hasselblad and Phase One used the "cropped" 44x33 mm MF sensor for quite a long time before switching to 53,4x40 mm. And they were still selling their cameras and backs for $30-40 000. Nobody complained it was "just a little bit more than 35 mm full frame".

Just try to shoot with GFX. I am not a Fuji ambassador, I don't work for Fuji, so I am not that biased.


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