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Holy moly ... Fujifilm GFX 100 ... 100mp ...
Don't know what is more silly: To wail about the "lack of AA filter", just because your cameras have one. And you're happy about the lack of sharpness and contrast as effect of this AA-filter which in earlier times (=current Canon sensors) had the task to avoid moiré effects. Or to complain about false/fake sharpness - are you also listening to music through a pillow to avoid fake clarity of sound?

Neither one or the other, the continuous urge for equivalencing beats both. There IS a difference between the crippled and cropped MF! Simply because of more color depth and different FL one can see more and better structured details - if the handling of the cameras involved tripod and knowledge. Sloppy pictures one can take with both systems. But in critical situations with high contrast, even the crippled MF can show more than 135 form factor cameras. And less noise also.

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