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Holy moly ... Fujifilm GFX 100 ... 100mp ...
I agree with that the difference between 135 format and cropped digital MF 44x33 format is not that big.

I also agree that the only way comparisons make actual sense is comparing the width. Our vision is width oriented. Not vertical, nor diagonal. 50mm is a normal prime for landscape 135 format. Width. 35mm is normal for portrait 135 format. Width. Calculating normal primes with a diagonal makes no sense, unless you want to find the best compromise (related issue).

I have no ridiculous amounts of extra money laying around, so lots of photography gear buying is not a hobby of mine. So I use only one system. And I have discovered that I am an OVF shooter. Also I am an advocate of AA-filters. And not impressed by the Fuji sensor choices (no AA-filter, silly CFA configuration). Basically no reason to get anything Fuji at this point in time, and keep using my Canon 6D (just an explanation of why I "exclusively" use Canon/Nikon or what was it?).

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