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Upgrading gear : would Sony 18-105f4 be a good addition ??
As you know I am using Sony and Canon APS-C
However I see myself using Sony more because it is more frequently with me because of compact size.
My personal sustem is always Canon and I am well equipped on Canon side.
The problem Sony lenses I have are poor performers especially the standard lens 16-50. knowing my wife and I  mostly use for pictures of our soon to be 2 year old  daughter 50mmf5.6 is too short and too slow I see we are forced to use non practical ISO values like 16.000
Would getting 18-105 solve the issue ?? if it will become as bulky as my  Canon gear it is not worth why have duplicate systems ?? my wife is happy with  her current combo
What focal length do you actually want?
For kids I find ~50mm FF equiv to be great.
Sell your Sony APS-C, buy a Fuji X-T20 or XE-3 and a Fuji 35mm f1.4 lens.
Great ergonomics, great IQ, small package.

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I already have that in Canon land, have 28-50-85 and 100mm primes, with 17-55f2.8 having close to prime quality, crop and APS-C bodies, I want a secondary compact carry around system.
The E 18-105mm is a fairly large lens actually. The E 18-135mm is smaller (when retracted).
The primary appeal of the 18-105mm is video. It's probably also a worse choice compared to the 18-135mm in terms of IQ. Especially in terms of distortions.

As mentioned by thxbb it's better to look for a decently supported smaller system instead.
The Fuji X-T20 with 18-55mm or Panasonic GX9 with 12-60mm come into mind.,...3.359,ha,t
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Thanks for your help ?
Meanwhile, passing by a photography shop, I found he had some Kodak Portra, a film that has became very hard to find here, for next week the cameras I will be using will be canon Eos 30 (film) and a vintage rangefinder Russian camera (Kiev) got body plus 28f2.8 50f2 85f2 plus 135f4 for peanuts, it's time I try it ?
Most likely porta in Canon and Ilford delta in kiev Smile
The 18-105 has up to 6.7% pincushion distortion - a reverse fisheye if you will. Smile I wonder how good the 18-135 is? Maybe Klaus is going to test it some day but there's almost certainly some auto-correction trickery going on, the Sony E system is relying upon this even at the very top of the food chain. Smile

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