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next OL lens test report: Tokina AF 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX II
Hi Klaus,
Thanks for the efforts to re-test this lens again.
I would like to share my experience with this lens. - I dont have this lens but two photographer buddies have it- one is MK1 and another MK2 . I have repaired two Tokina MK1 CAF
1. Flare - Photozone already menitioned this
We are shooting next to each other Tokina 11-16MK 1, MK2, and old SIgma 10-20. Result sigma is clearly ahead. We cannot see difference between MK1 and Mk2. Other lens review sites states the same
2 AF - it is not the problem in the motor technology - there is a huge play in the the fisrt stage of the gear mechanism. . This leads to un-consistent AF by some bodies, or AF modes CDAF or PDAF. Some body lens combination even refuse to focus - moistly in Live view where AF algorithms are not wel refined. Potential buyers please check the internet for this issue.
3. Mechanical problem is real life usage - I have repaired two Tokina 11-16 MK1 Canon - both with broken Flax PCB cable. Not a big deal if you are handy. Repairment is straight forward no glues or other nasty thinks. Potential buyer please please check real life user experience sites e.g. Fred miranda etc.
Is there something positive? yes
4. Inconsistent assembly quality - The parts have excellent quality by assembly is terrible

- Optically good as you already mentioned.
- tokina Europe is located in the Netherlands.
- Great, fast and helpful service from Tokina Europe

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