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Finaly Good marketing nes from Canon
Finaly the real sells numbers ,after many years of silece

personalty I find this stetement optimistic. Shrink will continue longer than 2 years. While this is good news for short term – 5-10 year , In long term it means low development effort. It become clear that traditional camera manufacture cannot keep the pace with modern image development like machine learning, MIMO camera, AI or lens design.
The same pattern we have seen 50 years ago when
Small format was like smarphone now - had acceptable IQ, man can bring them everywhere, robust, easy to use, plenty of accessories – lenses, flashes, innovation like lens design , AF, lighting.

Or just another pattern – When pro shoot large format , consumer use small format. When pro shoot 35mm film the consumer use digital. When pro shoot digital consumer use mirroless. When pro discovered mirrorless the consumer use smartphone.

Personally I use less frequently my bulky setup. I own Huawei p20 pro for almost one year and It serves 95% of my needs.

What do yo think?
Your open mind is appreciated!
Best Regards,
Actually, history repeats itself. Just prior to the rise of digital photography, the film SLR market was in the very same state as it is today.
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Thanks for your reply.
I've searched the net for sells number history. SO far I found this one

The thinks are not rosy, taking into account the 10..20%/year drops
All film cameras combined, and digital in segments, historically:
Combine that with film cameras in segments, historically:

That shows that interchangeable lens camera sales are still a lot higher than they have been during the entire film era.

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