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A new kickstarter campaign
I reckon you earn extra rubber-points when mounting this to your camera ...

Admittedly the sample image looks quite stunning in terms of sharpness though.
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Someone should make the world's fastest 182mm lens.
Red lens? Really? Smile But oh well, they have to stand out somehow.
The images look really good and the price is not ridicules, built quality and foot solution also good. But then why would I need such focal length without AF?
It's aimed principally at DSLR astrophotography and wide field at that...very tempting. The test will be if the stars at the corners have "angel wings".
(02-21-2019, 04:28 PM)obican Wrote:

As if we don't have already good offerings, why would I choose this one over the excellent faster and stabilized Canon 35mmf2.0

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