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HD Pentax DA 11-18mm f/2.8 ED DC AW
(03-05-2019, 10:01 PM)Klaus Wrote: It seems as if Pentax is fine with having a 5% market-share in DSLRs and with CaNikon losing interest in DSLRs (Sony departed already) it may be their long term niche for traditional users - a bit like the Leica M for DSLRs maybe.

Well, maybe I will take that Pentax S1 on my next vacation - haven't used it really since I purchased it years ago ;-)

    I'm doubtful about 5% also!......

 Ah the famous S1....the camera that broke my rule of anything from Pentax is better than nothing!.......fine enough as a DSLR as it was, it rivalled the K01 as the largest business blooper of the range.

A quick scout around brings up some Ricoh/Pentax numbers:

A telling extract from the financial report:

The so-called ‘Smart Vision’ BU includes the Pentax products together with the Ricoh Theta, GR, WG and rugged compact cameras. Quarter after quarter, the turnover of the Smart Vision division is declining, see the following table put together with data from this report and the previous ones:

The steep yoy Q1 decline is due to the launch of Pentax K-1 in 2016. Obviously the KP launched in 2017 didn’t have the same impact on Ricoh Imaging sales.

Smart Vision sales in calendar year 2017 amounted to around ¥20bn / $180m / €150m.
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