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Nikon Z5?
(03-12-2019, 07:24 AM)miro Wrote:
(03-11-2019, 07:19 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: The new one will be named Z 1 and apparently use the same body design but with reduced controls:
Do you mean Z1 or Nikon 1? :-)
I understand your frustration with Nikon. As cannon shooter, I can say that it could be worse. How long it will take for cannon to make a mirrorless that can take decent video and still. It is 2019 and I have to use my smartphone to take slow-motion of my kinds. Sad but true.
Your almost 20 years old sony 828 and my Minolta Dimage 5 are mirroless with decent EVF, and can take videos as well.  The biggest Canon inovation was articulated touchscreen. Great achievement, but my 20years sony camcorder have articulated and touch screeen. Great job Canon with Canon you can.
BTW: Mirror is not dead. My rear view car camera is also mirrorelss, but I still have side mirrors :-) Mirror will not die as film is not dead yet.

(03-11-2019, 08:54 PM)toni-a Wrote: The big sales come from cheap cameras not flagship ones, Canon is selling plenty of EOS M and APS-C SLRs, Nikon have no cheap mirorless bodies, and rely only on SLRs as cheap bodies, if customers are going away from SLR Nikon is in trouble unless they do something about it

Toni I have never seen cheap FF camera. Top salers come from 300-600$ cameras. 
Canon promises to make FF for masses with 5d mk1. It fails. Try it again with 6d and it fails again. Nikon try the same way and achieve the same results.
There you go again, Miro. 
You are using an old pre-live view Canon APS-C DSLR, which is ancient. Of course you need to use your smartphone for video. Sad but true, you keep posting nonsense like this. 

To break down more of the nonsense: The Sony 828 is not almost 20 years old, rather it is not even 16 years old. It has no "decent EVF" for current standards, but rather a lousy one (even for the standards back then it is very low res.). It does the same bad/crap video as every comparable Canon from the same period did.
The Dimage 5 has a higher res. view finder than the 3 years younger Sony, but for modern standards it also sucks donkey balls. And its video was even more useless than the Sony video (320x240 resolution, the same as for instance the Powershot S30 from 2001).

Canon DID bring FF to the "masses" with the 5D. It was a huge hit, and paved the way for the current FF success (Nikon was forced to go FF (D3/D700), while before the 5D they were solely committed in action and speech to APS-C. Sony, Leica and now Pentax and even Panasonic all have followed). That you are too cheap to get FF is your personal business, but your personal business is not what drives Canon or Nikon or any other camera vendor.

But I am sure you will keep the nonsense posts coming?

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