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D500 double card slot ...... SD slot fails!
Hi guys,
             Just been looking at some images from the removed SD card ..... tried to replace the card and it would not remain in the camera ..... complete with err message ... pressing gently to engage the card .... the err disappears to be replaced by CArd message, luckily the XQD slot functions fine!
 Ringing Nikon UK they quoted me £350 / 400 euros ....... (£250 for just the part)
  I reeled from the shock ...... the camera is now over two years old so the guarantee would have been out even if it wasn't grey market ..... 

    ...... That is the third SD card slot that has failed on me now.... the K20 SD card would not stay in (new card slot board).... the K3 lost communication electronically with both slots (requiring a new complete camera board) ...... luckily both of those were freebees.

   The question of whether pro cameras should have two slots is answered here clearly again card ... one chance ... two cards ... two lives.

 there's no way I will pay that price just to have a second SD slot ....
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